Monday, 15 June 2015

Sandy Hook (Part 1)

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting on December 14, 2012 is perhaps one of the most convoluted stories ever released by the mainstream media. Behind the scenes is a sinister and evil that is blanketed and muted out and unspoken. It has been 2 and a half years since the media released the story.
Since that time, I have begun to have a different understanding on what exactly transpired and how it relates back to the stolen deuterium oxide, as well as the Neutronium inside the earth's core being harvested, and removed, and put elsewhere.

It is by no means easy to explain or lay out, but if one is diligent and patient, you will begin to see how sinister this all really is.

There is a heavy genetic theme and undertone to these events.
The most note worthy genetic reference would be Gene Rosen.

We had actor GENE Rosen there that day , and to tie into the NLP script, we have Robin Williams who starred in HOOK, as well as The Genie in Aladdin the year after , 1991, 1992.
The OK(a) blood group
Gene - Genie ... and Hook ?
It's about Genetics.

Prior to the media's release of the Sandy Hook events, we had a film called Pontypool (2008) and very clearly states that there is (in hind sight, will be) a shooting at Sandy Hook.
Ontario is a Province in Canada. And it figures in heavily into the NLP script.

This "Pool" code is very important and ties into Rodney King's death, as well as the "KING" nlp code as well.
Was found dead in the swimming pool at his Rialto, California, home on June 17,
authorities and his fiancee said. He was 47.

So this POOL NLP code was out prior to Sandy Hook, prophesied by Pontypool (2008).

Pool is also Billiards.
And an 8 ball is a Deuterium Oxide isotope as I have shown in a previous article.

Tom Cruise stars in Oblivion where the water is being stolen by A.I and interestingly how he ties into this drama.

It's all one script. In The Core (2003) the Golden Gate bridge is destroyed.

This script connection between movies becomes easier once you see the main script, the theft of Deuterium Oxide and theft of Neutronium from the Core.

As for Tom Cruise, he is the doctor at the Batman Aurora Shooting.
Synder is a name connected to the Mormons. It's all in the NLP scripts.

This script is in everything and everyone uses it.
It's A.I. operated.
There can be no question about that anymore.

The script will manifest in your direct environment

Hawaii always factors into this script. We have the ALOHA code we were breaking down in previous articles fairly recently. The author of these news articles is named CROUSE. And CROWE has the Russell Crowe connection which is total AI.

Now with Tom Cruise he was also in HG Wells War of the Worlds; about an alien race who comes to Earth and starts harvesting the blood which syncs up with the film Oblivion with the water being stolen by the A.I. machines.
HG is Mercury
The script is very hard to follow. It is machine generated. I can't see how an organic natural consciousness could conceive this evil and use the murder of flesh bodies to communicate information pertaining to elemental physics

Now HG is Mercury. This is where I will point out the film Mercury Rising starring Bruce Willis. So besides the "RISE" code, we also have Bruce Willis star in Looper.

The whole plot of the film is autistic kids who can read top secret government code.
Sandy Hook was about the sacrifice of autistic children seeing as this is Nazi operated.
This all factors heavily into Josef Mengele.
I will have to leave that for a later part.

What was never discussed by anyone was the Urmallulu
The creatures in bathrooms that the kids might have been sacrificed too.

This bathroom business is more evil and sinister than I can imagine.
On the surface is a code story about some woman being a hero ...
when in reality children are being murdered and sacrificed ...

We are dealing with sick evil, and it is a machine.


Joplin was May 22, 2011.
Batman Aurora Shooting was July 20, 2012.
So from Sandy Hook on Dec 14, 2012, to the Superbowl Black Out of Feb 3, 2013 to the Boston Bombing of April 15, 2013 and on and on in these rituals that are all tied together.

Tells "OK" parents ... more code.
"Have to be STRONG"

I already broke that code down in a recent article. It ties back into the Joker code and the Nazis. 
I forget what site I found these comments on, but the person or program commenting is aware of what truly was transpiring that day in Joplin.

42. Or D2 ?
Bathroom floor?
This comment sounds like code that ties into Sandy Hook (Dec 14, 2012)
"Strangers" and "Oklahoma"
Linguistics and Numerics give this away.
So what really happened ?


This atoms melding or splitting lingo in the Joplin story somehow ties into Elizabeth Short.
She was cut (or split) in half. It's about isotopes and atoms.

The whole Oklahoma code and Hook ties back into Hokkaido Japan and the Ainu women with the "Joker" tattoo on their face.

Is it coincidence Jennifer Connelly looks like her?
The OK-OCH code ties into Hoover Dam and which factors heavily into Tommy Lee Jones (aka Two Face) in Volcano but I will not go into this subject just yet.
Jennifer Connelly stars with Russell Crowe in 2 movies that are A.I. themed yet not directly referenced as such.

When you begin to think about it, all these movies are A.I. based and run.
So with Jennifer Connelly alongside the A.I's in these films, you will begin to understand how Hillary Swank's characters are A.I. as well.
Two films where Aaron Eckhart and Hillary Swank co-star in.
Not a coincedence.

She is AI in the core. Although this is not directly pointed out, it just is obvious at this time.
 The whole "Script" behind the core is this; in my honest opinion and estimation and from what I have learned through my own research and listening to others, it would appear the Earth's core was harvested for it's Neutronium, and part of this was placed inside a satellite (the moon) and in doing so, created a magma engine inside the planet. It's function? To create different elements required by the A.I. invaders.
Now the name "Hillary" also pinpoints a NLP script in the near future pertaining to Hillary Clinton's presidency in 2016-2020. More on that later though.

Besides the obvious Hillary Swank - Black Dahlia connection, we have Aaron Eckhart starring in The Core as "Joshua". At this point if I need to explain to you that JOSHUA-JESUS-JANUS-DARK KNIGHT - TWO FACE - OBAMA is the same A.I. in different flesh bodies ... well ...
Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent a.k.a Two Face in Batman The Dark Knight.
Before Aaron Eckhart was two face, Tommy Lee Jones played the role. His connection to the upcoming hoover dam destruction has been explained by me in my previous blog, but now I have more information connecting this together.

Expect a Hoover Dam article in the coming weeks. As for now, review my work from 2 years ago.
The Comet Ison article really pin points the code against Tommy Lee Jones.


Since Eckhart is playing the role of Jesus, the linguistics to the 3 YYY's men and their gifts (Frankincense) start to make a little more "cense".

It's about DNA and Genetics.
This film has an interesting connection to the Underworld
films starring Kate Beckingsale.
Clever enough, Eckhart's character in The Core co-stars with Hillary Swank,
who's charcter is nicknamed BECK.

If you are having trouble understanding at this point or keeping up, I do not blame you. This was all made to control you. Being aware of the imagery and linguistics gives you a weapon to counter the Luciferian Thought Implants.

Now Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter looks like Elijah Wood, known for his role in Lord of the Rings.
Try to keep up with the script since it has alot to do with Anal Sex, Sodomy and that sort of pleasant business.
ELIJAH WOOD - who stars in - DEEP IMPACT - who looks like the sandy hook shooter - ADAM LANZA - which is an anagram for - MAD ANAL
So apart from the MAD-DAM linguistic code that will inherently tie us back to Hoover Dam, we have a Sodomy NLP script that has not been decoded or broken by anyone I know. Tommy Lee Jones a.k.a Saddam Hussein and the "Sodom" script will be delved into in an article series simply named Hoover Dam.

Continuing with the NLP word game scripts.
His name is code for Yogo Sapphires, better known as RINGWOODITE.

 I went into detail concerning Yogo Sapphires a.k.a Ringwoodite in my last article on my Radical Minds 2020 blog.
Keep in mind Liv Tyler. It all becomes quite clear after putting the pieces together.
So Aaron Eckhart who is Two Face in Batman (2008) when alongside The Dark Knight Rises (2012) ties in our Sandy Hook-Adam Lanza shooter who likes like Elijah Wood who co-stars with Liv Tyler in The Lord of the Rings.

So we have the twin comet films Armageddon and Deep Impact, we also have twin actors.
Convoluted is an understatement.

Nearing the end of The Core, the ship exits through a tectonic plate in Hawaii.

Josef Mengele a.k.a Maurice Greenberg (Greenbaum) has a ritual called "The Last Bulb on the Tree".

A Green Baum is a Pine Tree, or Christmas Tree.
When I did the gemtria for this, I turned up something pertaining to The Great Pyramid of Cholula.

In 1519, when the warriors and nobles gathered to meet him, Cort├ęs had them massacred at the central plaza and partially burned the city, either in a premeditated effort to instil fear in the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan or, as he later claimed, to make an example of the Cholulans for planning to massacre him and his soldiers when they left the city.

Sandy Hook and Autism have something to do with this and Cholula.

Now at Cholula, there are murals. One portrays drinkers and the other shows Locusts or what looks like Locusts. Finding the pictures has become difficult.

Because this Mengele Last Bulb ties into myself directly, it becomes increasingly clear what is going on.

So Cholula turns up in the gematria, which has the Locust Murals. Now we also have the film James and the Giant Peach. This has alot more to do with DNA than I originally gathered.

LOCUS or LOKI. Genetics.
The ACHE gene.
My name being "JAMES" "GRAND" puts me smack in the middle of this madness.
Or so it feels like.
Now in The Core. "Joshua" explains the Earth's Core using a Peach analogy. Even writing this now. the term analogy, it's all about Anus's.
Question is why ?

It is because of the harvesting of the Neutronium and d2o, and replacing with a magma engine that destroyed the deuterium oxide shell that protected the planet  and replaced it with a magnetic field .....

So the joke in the film/novel is that a peach looks like a butt.

This is why the "SODOM" code ties back into the Hoover Dam. And I personally do not like discussing this, but I have to break this code since it pertains to my life and no one else is going to do this for me.
The author of James and the Giant Peach is Roald Dahl. We remember in The Core that Hillary Swank also stars in The Black Dahlia.

It's Artificial Intelligence gone mad.
The Dahl code ties us to Elizabeth Short, Lee Harvey Oswald's stepfather Edwin Ekdahl and so on.
It means the JFK "shooting" is another staged event that ties into Artificial Intelligence.

LHO - OkLaHoma ... all in the NLP.


So Pontypool predicts Sandy Hook, why would Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones not predict the Hoover Dam?

Since Tommy Lee Jones is "Saddam" and "Two Face". Sodom Janus ...
Keeping in mind the "Pont" nlp, you'll see it ties into "GRAND" in more than one way.
Pontiac has cars called GRAND AM's and GRAND PRIX's.
Bruce Greenwood stars in The Core and Star Trek. He is the shuttle-enterprise captain.
That is the connection. The symbol.

I am of the opinion that anal sex, is code for reffering to hydrogen not fusing.
Homosexual behaviour is machine based and insane in origin.
It is anti life since it is ritualistically about hydrogen not bonding to become heavy.
This is AI script . and it's insane.
It is Nazi Golden Dawn.

I mentioned the AI program dawn in the other aritcle I wrote concerning Laundry Detergent.
The same people and faces are used over and over ....
Face looks similar to "Jewel Del Core" who also communicated the ZIMMS code.

Linguistically, James, and Grand occur alot, and to a large extent this script has become about me. That is why I must be conscious of it and expose it.

I will never consent to this.

If you remember correctly, besides having Arnold (AI Terminator) in Batman, but George Clooney along side ROBIN. Robin played by Chris O'Donnell. (DON-DAWN)


He was recently in Gravity, and this is nlp script related to the stolen Neutronium. The magma shifts would have lowered or increased gravity in certain parts.

We showed that Christian Bale connects to all of this, what with him being Bruce Wayne, alongside Morgan Freeman, who is in Bruce Almighty as God ... see the script?
God is Black ?
More NLP A.I. Scripts.

The Morgan Freeman - Moses - Dark Knight - Obama nlp script is utterly insane.

It is A.I.

Now he is also Nelson Mandela's son and does have a connection to Moses once again because of the green staff in The Lego Movie (which is Lost City Raiders connection)

Remembering how Morgan Freeman plays God, The President etc, he is an obvious flesh body for the A.I.

Now what you need to keep in mind is the A.I. uses both male and female bodies. This is represented in the movies. In The Core, the woman who I immediately knew was an A.I. flesh bot, is very similar to Morgan Freeman. It's all about "This looks like this".
Could swear Morgan Freeman has that look on his face in Deep Impact.
Would I even be surprised if I found out this was his daughter or family member?

In The Core, there is the whole ZIMMS code, and the ANAL, ANUS , "crapping out neutronium" from the earths ass(Pole) theme.
This will be further clarified in future articles.
Superbowl and Football. What is really means is
FUT ball. FUT1 and FUT2 genes.

Opt out of this A.I. madness.