Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Louisiana Assassination (Part 1)

The point in writing these articles is to make conscious the NLP script currently ruling and operating in the hive mind collective consciousness.

There are also A.I. controlled humans involved in this planning and coordinating of these events that happen in conjunction with said "manifestations".

"In History there are role players and key players"

If you can't see the "ATEN" code, then you won't see
how this ties into the Twin Volcano films I will
be writing about in Hoover Dam (Part 2)

This is a very complex script and is still being orchestrated at this very moment.

I myself am having difficulty writing about it and gathering together to pieces as to linearly and coherently explain and show what is transpiring, even though this is time line manipulation.

Take notice of that statue in the back. It is a time marker. As you will understand.

The assassination script might pertain to Louisiana, or it might pertain to a presidential assassination script, the likes of Lincoln which is NLP and connected to Obama. As is Denzel Washington's gematria.

In the film, take notice of where he is standing prior to his assassination attempt.

After the assassination, the TV broadcast is played and in the room, you have a very curious banner or tapestry on the wall.

The only other place I have seen this, and it was actually pointed out to me by Ryan Oake, is the imagery in The Red Hot Chili Pepper's music video "Fight Like A Brave".

We have the "Fire" code present and you will see how this ties into The Hunger Games.
As I said. Time Markers utilising symbols and software (nlp).

Now the only other Braves besides the Native tribes would be the Atlanta baseball team.

This "Atlanta" connection ties into another event (Atlanta Blackout) that has been preplanned in advance and is more sinister than I can grasp at this time. All I can do is connect the pieces and dispel the code.

There will be an article on this in the near future.

The "Atlanta Blackout" NLP script will be delved into in later articles.

But seeing our Artemis connection with the linguistic "Brave" , we begin to see the script and the events that have been scripted in advance.

The question you must ask is "Will I Consent to this script?"

The Manchurian Candidate made use of this Artemis archer imagery alongside the tapestry from "Fight Like A Brave". It all ties into a neat like synchronised script.

 Really comes back down to the "Fire" NLP script being run at this time.

Mockingjay Part 2 is set for a November 20, 2015 release date. We shall see what more code is shoved in our faces til that time.
Now, who is the Senator of Louisiana?

A friend of mine a few years ago provided interesting information and clues that tie all these separate people and events together.

They are all actors playing a role.
Lots of recent "Script" action I have not been able to look into yet.
The Ritter-Vitter connection. Not only is media dominated by them, but so is economics.
There is a connection and ignoring it does yourself a disservice.

As we showed at the beginning the woman who plays parts in all these scripted events, there are many actors playing many roles.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is one of them, and the likenesses between the two is noteworthy for me.

It highlights an overbearing NLP script that supersedes what I am currently aware of and exposing.

Resemblence cannot be denied. These actors are high up in this script.

You have the Greenberg families coordinating all of this. So besides the family memebers acting, we also have their puppets playing roles.

Is it mind control or willing involvement?

It's about breaking the NLP scripts.

The Greenberg-Strong families are involved, so the Canada-Louisiana connection is present and will be researched and written about more on a later date.
The "Zimm" code ties into Sodomy and this will be explained soon.
There is much to expose and break down.
There will be an article solely on the ZIM-ZIMOS NLP code.

More to follow

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