Friday, 12 June 2015

Markit BIC Markers and the Connection to Deuterium Oxide

Bic's logo is clearly a deuterium oxide isotope.

The linguistic that ties this back into the loss of heavy water is MARK.

The Tau is a very ancient symbol and also known as the Crux Commissa, the Franciscan Cross, the Anticipatory Cross, the Advent Cross, the Crutch Cross, and the St. Anthony's Cross.
'Tau' rhymes with 'how' and derives its name from the Phoenician and Hebrew alphabet's last letter 'X', which was pronounced 'taw' (as in 'how'). This same sound transliterates to the Greek letter 'T'.

Forty days before Easter, the first day of Lent, some Christian churches celebrate Ash Wednesday by marking the Sign of the Cross on the foreheads of believers, as a reminder of their mortality (hence ash) and penance for their sin (dirt).

So you're BIC Markit markers are communicating the same deuterium oxide information concerning the crucifixtion.

Not going to go indepth with this subject.

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