Monday, 22 June 2015

Baltimore NFL Nuke Strike (Part 1)

Even as I try to finish and publish this article, the same forces which seek to erase it are trying again this morning.

That is where I am at now. Even worse, I try to write this article and it gets deleted. Are my efforts and everything I do and say worthless???

But I refuse to stop and quit. Sabotage and manipulation has been the story of my life and now
I have nothing to lose anymore from writing and exposing these scripts.

I have lost everyone and everything.
This Baltimore Nuclear Bomb Script is extensive and reeks of manipulation to "high heaven".

Back in February 2013 I was already picking up on the NLP scripts and numerics before I got attacked in my personal life by those who seek to destroy me.

I had accurately read the 322 code prior to the Superbowl 47 blackout.
Skull and Bones' 322 code. This was shown in the scene from The Dark Knight Rises.
Prior to the football stadium demolition.
This Ghoul is as sinister as it gets. Mr Skull and Bones
does not take kindly to me SPEAKING THE TRUTH!
Many had seen my connections prior to the actual event.
This channel that I used back in 2013 was taken down by enemies involved in these future attacks.
Feb 3, 2013 Superbowl Blackout after Beyonce's Black Janus Halftime show.
What I didn't understand at the time, but in hindsight makes more sense is
why the times got shifted when I was uploading these videos.
This pink clock was shown and it's "Colour" code or CULLER code is connected
to The Dark Knight Rises when in the football stadium a young girl
has the same colour sweater on. She is the only one that does.
She is in pink, and the rest in Black and Yellow.
This colour code and linguistic script ties right back into Hoover Dam.

Superbowl 47 was between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49'ers.

Before Baltimore were the Ravens though, there was a proposed team by the named of the Bombers.
The script is insane. I am not. Just because I can connect the pieces does not make me insane.

Now the Bombay Blood script I spoke of which ties back into Hokkaido Japan and the Ainu peoples. This is where we get our JOKER tattoo face from always being referenced in this madness.

It's Deuterium Oxide related and so is this Baltimore NLP script.

Now seeing as this is a Baltimore NFL Nuclear Strike script, it's important to realise the new Batman is Ben Affleck.
Yes, only this morning did I see this picture with the scorpion. Not surprised at all.
And this accurately describes the situation.
Pay attention to Miley and ignore decoding the NLP scripts.

Ben Affleck stars with Morgan Freeman in the Sum of all fears where a nuclear bomb is detonated at a football game in Baltimore. Many have discussed this script before but only now with recent happens does the script take on new form and meaning.

I'm sure it's no stretch of my imagination seeing myself as the patsy in this as "James Holmes" and the Boston bomber have resembled my likeness. Someone or something is playing a sick cruel game, and I have to wonder am I doing this to myself or am I being set up?
This madness is just that. For me to accept AI blame is also insanity.


In jewish gematria


Ties into the Ainu-Hokkaido scripts.
Only by writing this will it allow myself to see.

As for those who wish to label this "Terrorist Propaganda" ... well ... go ahead and try.
Ben Affleck is Jack Ryan and Tom Cruise is Jack Harper.
Guess I don't know "Jack" ...

Ben Affleck stars with Morgan Freeman in The Sum of all Fears, but before I go into the details of that film, I must highlight other information that makes this movie script more applicable to what some would refer to as "reality".

What I thought was a story about me may in fact not be, but rather someones attempt to misdirect me.

In Oblivion there is the nuked football stadium with the same YELLOW code as seen in the 47th Superbowl blackout.
This trailer was released 6 days prior to the Sandy Hook shooting.

I had picked up on the 322 numeric in The Dark Knight Rises. I also picked up on the NLP script involving Comets and "Meteors".
Glad I still have the "evidence"

The film Oblivion is about the AI's stealing the planets water, but not just water, specifically heavy water. There is a very important visual clue to this as well in The Sum of all Fears which I will show and add onto later in the article.

There are some other side points I must address before moving forward with the Baltimore Strike script.

One being Tom Cruise, as a scientologist, is also present at the Aurora shooting role playing a doctor.

The James Holmes NLP script involves me, and someone is trying to mess with my head as well as others. Those who choose to believe such lies and insanity, well even breaking the code wouldn't help them right?
Synder is a Mormon name. Alludes to who is controlling and scripting these events.
It's their A.I. god as portrayed in Oblivion.

Scientology is not what I will discuss, but there is a movie involving a party referred to as Lunology (a play off of Scientology) that seeks the moon rock.
Here is where it gets weird for me ... not that it hasn't all been weird.

Morgan Freeman in the Lego film has this staff with the same rock. In Lost City Raiders, we are dealing with this same staff , and it's relation to moses, as well as stopping "THE RISING".
Will explain this more ... possibly.
It's a side article that I will not be elaborating more on at this point but I only wanted to point out the connection.
I'm sure everyone already knows right ...

Now this NFL NUCLEAR STRIKE has been encoded into the NLP decades prior. The film that is most significant is The Replacements starring Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman.
Thanks goes out to a friend who really broke the code on this film.
I had little to do with it.


Gene Hackman's character in the film is named "Jimmy".
So Jimmy is the Man who Hack's Genes?

Can't say I remember doing anything of the sort.

Keanu Reeves plays as Shane Falco, a "washed up" quarterback. What I never knew was the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens is Joe Flacco.

Now many of the actors in this film , their names encode this NLP script and were most likely names given to them by agents (no matrix pun intended) ..
The character Eddie Martel is played by Brett Cullen.
(CULL as in Kill Off, as in CULLERS-COLOURS)
There is the character Danny Bateman played by Jon Favreau.
Now in the film we have Danny Bateman who goes crazy when he see red.
We discussed the AI program DAWN, and just so happens the two strippers in the film who want to be cheerleaders are named Heather and Dawn.
"Dawn" on the left.

Now this Baltimore script ties into Hoover Dam as well.
The most obvious, and what I missed completely until pointed out by a friend who is helping decode as well is John Madden's appearance in the film.
As for Heather, it brings me back to Heather Graham and the HangOVER Part 3, The End. Now Heather Graham had been twinned to look like Madonna in the 2nd Austin Powers film.

We went into the Madonna code in the Hoover articles.
I won't drag that out anymore at this time.

Linguistically the script is there.
Scorpions will take us directly back to The Hoover Dam and 4 Corners region.
Later in the film The Replacements we have the scorpion shown. 
Now that is fine and dandy except for it being shown at 3:37 in the film The Sum of all Fears.
337 is a cyborg code number tied back to Valiant Thor (who again seems to have a similar appearance to myself, and the man referred to as MASON in SOAF.
Dopplegangers or I somehow am doing all this?
A pawn of the A.I. ?
Val Thor High Bridge New Jersey 1957.
His notebook has 337 on it.

I show the Keanu Reeves connection to Val Thor in a recent past arrticle.

Perhaps it's all my imagination.
Moving forward.

Gematria highlights alot of interest connections and syncronicites.

One needs to ask why are Tibetans even in Ferguson during the riots?

I feel it has some relation and connection to Ahnererbe.

In the film The Replacements, M&T Bank Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Ravens football team, was used as the Sentinels' stadium. It was called Nextel Stadium.
Next EL ?

It's about the NFL STRIKE.

So the linguistics are there concerning nuclear scripts and strikes and locations , now look at what the gematria reveals. I can't make this up, it's not my opinion, it's just math. Albeit the numerics are controlled by an Artificial Intelligence.


Gators are in the team in The Sum of all Fears playing in Baltimore.
Screen shots from The Sum of all Fears

There is also the baby alligator that was found in Caroll County in Maryland.
Same state as Baltimore.

Subliminal and suggestive isn't it.
Since it's a nuclear bomb script.

The Hussein connection is OBAMA as well as Tommy Lee Jones who is Saddam Hussein , It's the hoover script tied into this Baltimore nuke strike script.

All of these terms and linguistics are hypnotically tied to Barack Obama as was decoded by Chris Hohn in his blog articles.

OBAMA referring to BOMBAY blood , ABO blood types , so is this really what I think it's about?

It becomes so entangled and inconsistent , that it is indeed chaos.

Now that was only the simple gematria.
The Jewish gematria reveals alot more pertinent information .


The triple words , or 33 code ties into apollyon. Its complicated, and I will explain.


In The Sum of all Fears the Russian President is named NEMOROV. So besides the coincidence we have the Nimrod code which ties into Mount Nimrut, Elvis, and Pink Floyd's cover with the burning man. The Tritium. Tritium used to make these nuclear weapons.
Mount Nimrut remains.
Wish You Were Here 1975. Thanks to someone I now know it's
about Tritium.

Curios to note Rogers Waters comparing the Israeli's to Nazi's, seeing as in The Sum of all Fears the Plutonium is US made, given to Israel, put into a plane that gets shot down by NO DOUBT insiders involved in this operation, recovered by Arabs who do desert excavation to sell cheap finds, sold to a South African German who goes and gets it weaponized by Russian scientists, and then from Haifa Israel ships the bomb to Baltimore.

Now, the recent shooting involving the "Boy from Seinfeld" highlights this SOUTH AFRICAN GERMAN connection , and it is something I cannot go into detail seeing as I am just not sure what is going on.
But that Charleston shooting was again , actors communicating an NLP script.
It amazes me people are thinking this was real.
All the people who fail to see these are actors promoting racial hatred better wake up quick.
Including myself.

Continuing with the Jewish gemtria


It explains what this really is.

There is alot to this code that merits some consideration, especially by myself seeing as I have an intimate connection to these unfoldings, or so it would seem .


This makes me consider the show Caprica, in which a sports stadium is destroyed and the consciousness of those involved would be uploaded into some virtual reality "heaven".

I was speaking about this back in 2013 when I got threatened by someone or something for daring to expose it and resist it. I will go into these subjects in more detail in another article.

Returning to the Ravens Jewish gematia, we see even more code signifying this as a very real possibility.


So Batman who is Ben Affleck, The Dark Knight Rising is Jack Ryan who is trying to stop the bomb in Baltimore, yet is not successful.

Even at this point I still am unsure what to make of this, and what I am experiencing firsthand.

It truly is a demonic number sequence, and continuing on, the simple gematria to the stadiums the ravens have played are very revealing and concise to this NFL nuke strike script.


This new york nuke script ties into the show Heroes, but I do not have much more than that at this time concerning that. Staying on topic with Baltimore and the Ravens stadiums.


The past stadium was


Now this DEMON stuff refers to AI programs. I cannot see it being anything else. The AI programs invade flesh bodies. It's about the heavy water vs light water, or at least that is my understanding. Or what I have been led to understand.

Now the bomb in The Sum of all Fears is in a cigarette machine and MARLBORO amongst others is present.

It's at B4 which reversed is 2D or D2.


Now SASHA is mentioned in The Sum of all Fears as well as being Beyonce's alter ego which was shown during the Superbowl Halftime show in 2013 with her Black Janus ritual.

It's AI's and clones. This may explain the doppelganger MASON in The Sum of all Fears. Someone wants me to think that in the past I did these things to coordinate this event in the future, but lets face it, the real story is the AI using my image.

That is the story in Oblivion anyways.

The d2o connection is evidenced by the ball bearings being shown about an hour into the film.
Ball Bearings have the same appearance as Deuterium Oxide under a microscope.

This is all a mess for me, and all I can do is write about it in the hopes it will make more sense and not happen.
Now the blanket covering the bomb appears to be in the likeness of the tapestry in The Manchurian Candidate and the music video Fight Like a Brave.
No doubt that this is a major connection.
It's the EXACT same colour code.
The Manchurian Candidate (2004) and The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fight Like a Brave (1991)

Now, Liev Schreiber co-stars in the film as a Manchurian candidate, so it's interesting to note him costarring in The Sum of all Fears as well.
It is exhausting writing this all down.
Part 2 will be done whenever.


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