Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ottawa Terrorist Shooting October 22, 2014 (Israeli Mossad Canadian CSIS Involvement)(Part 2)

Continuing on with this personal investigation of this shady and non transparent event that transpired in my home town, it becomes clear this event and the news communications are telling a completely different story, one that pertains more to genetics, as well as sub scripts which are for the public.

A picture of Cpl Nathan Cirillo with his "hatchet" and a bundle of wood.
They question I ask Canadian soldiers; Does Canada not stand against Fascism?

As I pointed out in the first article I have linked above, Michael Zehaf Bibeau, the "Killer", just so happens to have a mother who is Deputy Chairperson of Canada's Immigration & Refugee Board.

As well as Cpl Nathan Cirillo's name having interesting gematria allusions pertaining to his connections to Israel and possibly Mossad. Keeping in mind Israel being extremely xenophobic, the connection to genetics and blood types begins to become clear as I will demonstrate.

Besides the obvious 3,6,9 number magic being utilized in this"event", what
caught my eye was the name "Mcleod". This is a genetic syndrome.
McLeod syndrome (or McLeod phenomenon; /məˈkld/) is an X-linked recessive genetic disorder that may affect the blood, brain, peripheral nerves, muscle, and heart. It is caused by a variety of recessively-inherited mutations in the XK gene on the X chromosome. The gene is responsible for producing the Kx protein, a secondary supportive protein for the Kell antigen on the red blood cell surface.

McLeod syndrome was discovered in 1961 and, as with the
Kell antigen system, was named after the first patient in which it was found: a Harvard dental student Hugh McLeod, whose red blood cells were observed to have weak expression of Kell system antigens during blood donation.
So is Michael Zehaf Bibeau a Killer or Keller?
Notice the "Moon Crescent" around Bibeau in the photograph provided on June 3, 2015.
The day of the shooting.
Just so happens someone decided to add a waning crescent moon shape the the picture.
Only those who inform themselves know. So besides the blood moon 2 weeks prior
to the October 22, 2014 "Shooting" on the hill, we have a connection to the XK Gene.
14 days after Oct 8, 2014, we have the Oct 22, 2014 shooting in Ottawa.
Or is it coincedence we have the Harvest Moon imagery, alongside
XK Genes. Are they washing genes?
We already saw the lunar imagery in June 3, 2015
photograph in the Ottawa Citizen article by Ian "Mcleod".

The McLeod phenotype is a recessive mutation of the Kell blood group system. The McLeod gene encodes the XK protein, which is located on the X chromosome, and has the structural characteristics of a membrane transport protein but an unknown function.
Absence of the XK protein is an X-linked disease.  Mutational variants result in McLeod syndrome either with or without neuroacanthocytosis: the gene on the X chromosome for McLeod syndrome is physically close to the gene for chronic granulomatous disease. As a result, an individual with one relatively small deletion may have both diseases.
The phenotype may be present without the syndrome presenting.
So is the suggestion that Bibeau and his mother have mutations in the XK gene?

Patients usually begin to notice symptoms in their 50s and the course is usually slowly progressive. Common features include peripheral neuropathy, cardiomyopathy, and hemolytic anemia. Other features include limb chorea, facial tics, other oral movements (lip and tongue biting), seizures, a late-onset dementia, and behavioral changes.

The linguistics and imagery leave me with no doubt that this is connected to genetics and I know very well how invested in genetics Nazi Germany was and how that same science continues through the Israeli state as well as the Mormons who are directly connected to all of this.

Anyone who "believes" this is investing their energy in manifesting a doom scenario for all of us. Being consciously aware and opting out is one weapon at your disposal. The energy being harvested and circulated comes down to alot of variables, but the numbers play their role.
The free energy Tesla was provided was hijacked
by the Nazi-Zion-Mormon death cult factions.

I don't want to post all the articles and all the text, so I will stick to showing the number magic.
"The most outrageous unreported detail of the Oct. 22 attack on Parliament Hill happened seconds into gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s six-minute rampage."

"It was 9:50 a.m. and the angry and unbalanced religious fanatic had just fired the first shot from his Winchester rifle into the back of National War Memorial sentry Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a kilted member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada."

"The killer moved closer to the fallen, helpless Highlander and took aim. A third and final shot rang out, tearing another wound in the dying man’s back."

"At 9:55:45, at the north end of the Centre Block’s Hall of Honour, Zehaf-Bibeau was dead, felled by 31 bullets fired by RCMP and Commons’ security staff. His final utterance was in Arabic: “Allahu Akbar” – God is great."

"But six Mounties really stepped up, too."
"Zehaf-Bibeau fired three shots. After shooting Son, he aimed his rifle directly at a second Commons guard at the front door, but then turned and walked up the stairs into the rotunda. (Police also found six spent casings from his rifle at the War Memorial.)"
"Zehaf-Bibeau appears to have done some very preliminary planning, but was what criminal profilers call an “unorganized” villain. He made most of it up as he went along, and was armed with a lever-action .30-30 rifle."
You see the number "magic". Besides the obvious 3,6,9, what we are dealing with is genetics.
"Police and security fired 56 9-millimetre rounds over an area of 74 metres through the rotunda and along the Hall of Honour."

"About 47 seconds later, he entered Centre Block. About two minutes later, he was dead."

74 deals with Jesus and Trisomy. It is a very complicated subject. Gene mutations. XXY.


Is the use of 47/74 in the media pretaining to Trisomy?
We know the Freemasons worship Lucifer and that the Masons
in conjunction with the Mormons and Mossad are all in the same boat.

The name Bibeau itself relates back to genetics in a way I have not fully understood at this point. Nonetheless, the linguistics tie is directly in Genetics and by extension, Viruses.

Could the 3,6,9 be referring to Chromosomes?

This "shooter" - "killer" and his rampage have alot to do with genetics it seems.

Question I have at this point, is Bird Flu connected to Bibeau?
This whole investigation of mine has turned up elements and variables that
I was not prepared for.
 So besides Beau connecting to genetics, we also have a connection to Lucifer.

So now we have the Beau-Lucifer-Freemason connection.
And it is all genetic code being passed between them.

Since it seems to be all about genetics at this point and not about what is being fed to us by the Luciferian Freemasons and the Nazi-Zion-Mormon Mafia, I'll take this opportunity to continue showing the connections to Nazi Germany.
A red seal of david.
Maurice Strong was "supposedly" born in Oak Lake, Manitoba.
OK(a) is a bloodtype. So again, we have a coded false history
that is communicating genetic information.
Eichmann was taken to a fortified police station at Yagur in northern Israel,
where he spent nine months.
Eichmann's trial was faked by Mossad. So now we can see how Israeli intelligence has a hand in the events of October 22, 2014 in Ottawa Canada.

Who is the current head of Mossad?
Michael Greenberg. So of notorious Nazi Josef Mengele, also known as Maurice Greenberg.
A Nazi Israeli secret. Or is it Se - Secretion Genes?
Head of AIG and father to Michael Greenberg, Josef Mengele.
Mengele was obsessed with genetics.

This is why Cirillo has the Fascii. He is a Nazi-Zion cooperative.

Maurice Greenberg (Josef Mengele's) grandson Tony often plays terrorists on TV.
This is why the Oct 22, 2014 is a joint Mossad-CSIS operation.
How involved is CSIS?
That remains to be seen and determined.

I have provided a better understanding of the events that transpired than anyone else has, or will do.

Apart from the linguistics and numbers, we have parties involved who stand to gain alot from the actions that supposedly took place on October 22, 2014 in Ottawa Canada.

What is clear is ISIL or ISIS is not the responsible party, seeing as ISIL-ISIS is controlled by CIA-MOSSAD.
Are you just following orders?
That doesn't fly with me.


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  3. Unbelievably ridiculous. So while Mengele is killing Jews in Auschwitz, his son was in the US military storming the beaches of Normandy? Also. Do you know how many men have that line under their eye at 86 years old and that type of hairline? This analysis is beyond pathetic. If you really have an interest in history, just ask Mengele’s grandson Christian Mengele as he doesn’t hide the Mengele name. Oh, and he doesn’t look at all like the man you claim is Mengele’s son.

  4. Oh and by your ridiculous logic, Josef Mengele had a son at the age of 14. His son’s name was Rolf.