Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hoover Dam (Part 1)

Reviewing my 3 previous articles on the Hoover Dam from my other blog would be recommended before going in depth with this subject.

As I fight to expose these Illuminati NLP scripts, I can constantly mocked and ridiculed by the beings who seek to accomplish their sick and twisted agendas.


This Mormon-Nazi-Israeli joint operation at the Hoover Dam is more convoluted than I can coherently write about. So I will try to go slow and cover all the scripts and subtle details.

The Superbowl halftime back in 2012 dealt with Madonna and the Hoover Dam, as is evidenced by the imagery and symbolism.


Knowing that Israel will be responsible for this, taking a look at a Jerusalem newspaper (if I remember correctly) contains some weird clues.
The key word here is Mako. I am still working on these connections as I write this. How effective this will be in preventing the insane Hebrew (Habiru) script, I do not know.
Under gods and dieties, you have Saturn and Mako.
This "Tau" code syncs into Sandy Hook.
Madonna is a carrier for this NLP script.

This keyhole is referred to in two films.
The first one being Pacific Rim (2013) starring Rinko Kikuchi as "Mako" Mori.
The second film is The Wolverine (2013)
We see "Mako" peering through the keyhole.

 Very much so. Her hair style is imitative of a Mantis mouth.

Now the other film where this "keyhole" is mentioned is The Wolverine (2013).

I have the ability to read these scripts and connect the events before they happen.

Part 2 will be up soon

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