Monday, 1 June 2015

Poke-Mormon (Gotta Breed Em All)

The Mormons play a bigger role in all this than anyone gives them credit for.

Their role in the production of flesh bodies for the A.I. programs to utilize has not been a topic of discussion and most likely won't ever be, but that won't stop myself from breaking certain codes.

HO-OH = 2H2O
(Deuterium Oxide)
Crystal. Takes us to a certain set of caves in Naica.

I want to go in depth with this subject, seeing as there is code there but for other reasons I will keep short.

Sapphire is an obvious link to Ringwoodite, also known as Yogo Sapphires.

In Pokemon Gold, you had a city called Olivine City.

North of this city is a farm where Cows get sick and can't give their milk, as well as the cities Gym Leader, named Jasmine. Jasmine, from Aladdin has an intimate connection to Sapphires, although hidden in plain site.

Makes me think if Krytonite is Tritiated or just Olivine?
 Other subjects have come up, and I cannot go into detail at this time.
Oh yeah, the professor's name is "Oak"


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  2. the ai comments on your shit alot huh