Monday, 30 March 2015

Heavy Water Symbolism in Media & Culture (Part 1)

The first known images of Deuterium Oxide taken by myself have shown me that knowledge of their appearance was already understood.
It's a subject and link in history that if avoided, allows the house of cards to remain standing.
60/70's artists Pink Floyd were clearly aware about Deuterium Oxide
and the disappearance of it from the planet.
Something on the Dark Side harvesting isotopes.

Besides the subtle Deuterium imagery, the Lunar imagery is obvious enough.
The A.I. theme is not to be overlooked either.

Himmler and his SS planned on making Wewelsburg the Center of the World at one point. The Black Sun (Saturn) cult which worked out of this castle, is curiously shaped like an H2O molecule, as well as looking strikingly like the Deuterium Oxide photos I captured.

Similarities cannot be overlooked.
Further information and analysis is always welcomed.

SS blueprint for the planned construction of the area around Wewelsburg.
The small triangle in the center of the circle, forming the tip of the "spear", is Wewelsburg.
The spear most definitely refers to Longinus and the Crucifixion of Jesus, which concerns more the planet's axis tilt and loss of Heavy Water, as portrayed in the "Story".
Re-understanding the Biblical story of the Crucifixion as the Axis Tilt of the Earth
and subsequent loss of Deuterium Oxide isotopes.
Speaking to an Indian Scientist in 2014, He confirmed to me through his own
experiments with DNA that Deuterium Oxide "tethers" better than H2O.
Why is this not known by Geneticists? And if known, why the silence?

Dark Side Jesus. Blood is thicker than Water (H20) ... Why ?
Deuterium Oxide. The "Dew" of Heaven.
Image thanks to Annie.
The station that houses the A.I. in Oblivion (2013) is called the Tet.
Teth (the cross hair) refers to Deuterium Oxide's primary function of tethering
and holding together Deoxyribonucleic Acid. It does so and is proven to bond
DNA better than Protium (H20)

I've heard alot of people speak of this symbol, and none
have ever mentioned Deuterium in relation to it.
I see this is a big mistake.
An interesting image I encounter while doing research.
Could the hand sign refer to numbers of Protons,Neutrons and Electrons?
Salvidor Dali's painting The Sacrament of the Last Supper encodes information
relating back to Deuterium Oxide. Anyone care to discuss this subject with me?
Korean or Chinese music video. Interesting to note the same hand sign as well
as what is on his finger.
This is a subject beyond ordinary people.
You have your black pearl and the same design, same architecture.

Back in the early 2000's. 7up had this mascot. Looking back now the
Deuterium Oxide reference is more blatant. DO, DDO.
This is all beyond current humanity. You have a script and agenda here that does not benefit consciousness but rather a computer system that harvests Deuterium Oxide from the environment to prolong it's own confined dimensional prison existence while trapping original consciousness inside the system and using flesh bodies (H20) to insert itself into those bodies.

We are again at the stage in history where transhumanism and robotism is (already has) taken root.
The program continues to lie about history and the true nature of Deuterium and Reality.
Keeping in mind that in some Bible's Jesus is referred
to as the Morning Star, which is Venus (Netzach) -
The green sphere on the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life. A Computer Template.
And the symbol of Venus. Netzach.
An altered Teth. Curious to observe.

Doesn't it all come together nice and neatly.
Robots consuming robot products.
The mountain "dew" would have to be Deuterium Oxide.
The green drink and bottle refers to Tritium, which is produced from destroying Deuterium.
Question that must be asked and the answer known by those already;
Is Venus operating like the Moon and Saturn? Harvesting D2O isotopes?

Well let's start trying. The Deuterium Silence is bothering me greatly.
Even Doctor Who makes a reference to it.
Edible ball bearings = Deuterium Oxide isotopes
Welcome to the Dream Machine. Like Pink Floyd said
"Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
What did you dream?
It's alright we told you what to dream"

Observe the silence this article will receive. The lack of comments or recognition. How many are willing to use their consciousness of this situation as a weapon. How many are willing to see what is in front of them?

The "Black Water" referred to by the System is Deuterium Oxide.
The Operating System will demonise anything that is beneficial to life and consciousness
and detrimental to the programs existence.
Why is Detour written in Black?
Now you know. I could break down the code further
but I'll leave that to a later date.
Chris Hohn (author of DeepHighLands) will recognise the Orange code.
Besides the orange colour code which I did not notice until writting this, is the upside down
Crucifixion. What I'm focusing on is the T.

Foods that alter your consciousness.

The T most likely relates back to Gobekli Tepe and the T shaped monuments which has been shown to me to mushroom related. This is a complex subject where humans ingest foods or substances that will allow A.I. program invasion of a flesh body.
Gobekli Tepe T shaped structure's.
This is merely an introduction to this subject. There are others (Annie)
who understand this and research far more than I do.
Image courtesy of Annie.
 The A.I. and programs know about this information and utilizes murder and other horrors to communicate chemical information relating back to particle physics. The Black Dahlia Murder is a clear example of this.

This will continue like in previous eras unless stopped. Conscious awareness is the first step in fighting back and not complying.

South East Asia is where the next big war is. The prize; Deuterium Oxide.
Evidence for this war will be presented in Part 2.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ottawa Terrorist Shooting October 22, 2014 (Israeli Mossad Canadian CSIS Involvement)

Knowing the media is controlled by the Greenberg-Strong family, and that Michael Greenberg controls Mossad, it's safe to say in light of the information provided by diligent research and observation, that the shooting in Ottawa on October 22, 2014 was standard False Flag material.
Maurice Strong - AIG
The motif as to why conducting this event and forcing it down the throats of the Canadian public and world is
1) To condition the public to shows of police-military force
2) Direct funds to certain military sectors
 3) Further obscure the truth

Add anything else you like, I am merely here to provide information that is very much suspect and throws into question the happenings of that day.

To say that an Islamic Organization called "ISIS" committed this act is ridiculous when one is not aware of who controls the media and militaries of the USA-CANADA-UK-ISRAEL. Who ISIS really is (as some already are aware) may surprise you.

ISIS exists for one purpose: To provide government and business the sophisticated intelligence, technology, security and training they need to support and protect national and corporate interests in the most challenging of global environments. All with the utmost professionalism, transparency, and integrity.
– Don Wright, President & CEO

I really don't have much else to say regarding this seeing as it is blatantly obvious for anyone with half a brain to realise this preposterous "ISIS" lie, and see it for what it really is. Anyone with information to add is welcome to do so.
Like all coded stories, 3,6,9 are always involved.
58 (the supposed age of Kevin Vickers) is another code number.

The story is just that, a story. Anyone who has been to Ottawa in the Downtown area knows it is not possible to run the distances named, and to have 3 separate shootings which is what the News reported. Fabricated lies. The shooter's family will make you consider the motif for the alleged "shooting".

A major detail overlooked and unnoticed. His mother is
Deputy Chairperson of a Division of Canada's Immigration & Refugee Board.
So the ISIS militants mother is part of Canada's Immigration. I see no conflict of interests...

If freedom of speech is at stake, then what of mine to question the lack of investigation and cover-up and silence of this major issue?

The other issue presented by myself is Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. Looking deeper into what has been presented to the public, I can safely say this is Fascism hidden in plain sight and I will not be silent when it matters most.

One may call me "insensitive" but when Truth and Freedom are on the line,
whois really fighting for what?
Besides the hand sign, the hatchet and wood is obvious.
But of course most will ignore this and say it means nothing.

So why would a Canadian Soldier supposed killed by an ISIS
militant (whose mother is on Canada's Immigration/Refugee board)
be in a publicised media photo holding a Fascii ?
Especially when it is a symbol of the Third Reich ?

Problem with all the symbolism is, once you start asking the obvious questions, you see how much of a lie and deception it truly is.
It gets worse and worse when you do the "Jewish Gematria" on Cpl Nathan Cirillo's name.

Coincidence I'm sure. I just provide the math and information provided.


Curious indeed. If his connection to Israel is established, one would be pressed to ask why he is holding a Fascii in the picture knowing where the symbol came from.

Of course this is all obvious to me but the majority of Canadians will never see it before it is too late.

What I suspect as a fake death, has resulted in the military increasing the reservists benefit's from $20,000 a year to $42,426 a year. Over double. And because of the supposed slaying of a Canadian soldier? To question the official story is to be branded unpatriotic and insensitive. So be it.

Whoever "Cirillo's" family is, they are milking the system and the people of money but again this is nothing new. Is this not what history has shown us? One side playing two sides against one another, selling arms and weapons to both sides and taking advantage of the chaos?

Listing this information is imperative and people must look into what is being done.

More to follow.
PS - Thanks for your support CSIS. Not.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Beautiful Pictures of Heavy Water (Deuterium Oxide)

Here are the only known pictures of Heavy Water, also known as Deuterium Oxide (D2o) taken by a Canadian youth who will no doubt continue to inspire art and science alike in the near future.

 Deuterium Oxide is seen in nature and culture; one only needs to look to find it.