Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Atlanta Blackout (Part 1)

Like my recent "Louisiana Assassination" article, this is another event that has not yet happened but the NLP scripts point directly to it.

Something horrible is going to happen in Atlanta. The scale of this plot is still being determined by myself and if possible, warning the population to the dangers.

Whatever is planned, and has already occurred is beyond evil.

A Dark Night ? As in a Blackout ?
So besides showing Sandy Hook, which most obsessed over, they still fail to
see and read the larger script or symbols.
No, not a coincidence that 322, was the numerics used in the Feb 3, 2013 Superbowl Blackout.

The whole world was watching this. It became part of their consciousness.
The "Blackout" NLP script is still in effect.
Superdome is more what I focus on. It ties us to our Hoover Dam script as well
as the Volcano "Fire" script.
The Hoover Dam-Doom-Scorpions connection has been illustrated by
myself in previous articles, but only now is the NLP becoming more clear and precise
as to what it was originally pertaining to.

Seeing as the Rock aka The Scorpion King is in San Andreas, which has a scene of the Hoover Dam collapse as I'm told.
Well you see where this all leads.
So the Scorpions "Blackout" code ties right into The Rock who is the Scorpion King, ascending from the 4 corners region ?

Which is where Hoover Dam is ?

"Where Will You Be"
Now if I did gematria on this, what do you think I would find?
End of Days deals with the Comet Ison script.

I will only give a skeleton version here, and I will go into more detail in Part 2 seeing as this is incredibly complex.
After Sandy Hook and the Super Bowl on Feb 3, 2013, we had the Boston Bombing, and if you looked at the 2 links provided, you will see just how extensive this conspiracy is.

Why is there Optimus Prime's face on a window at the Boston Bombing ?

It's communicating a script.

What can I do put point it out and break it down ?
I believe it was in Transformers 2 when this line was said.
In relation to bombing the pyramids.

 No one decided to look into this "Blackout" script.

But it is prevalent in the consciousness and sub conscious.

The oreo symbol in the right corner makes me think
of 1) Deuterium and 2) Ceder Plate for Passover

This is a major NLP script , and here is how it ties directly in Atlanta.
It directly pinpoints Atlanta.

There is your A.I. programs ... Legion.
Interesting to note the "WOOD" nlp code.
But yes, widespread panic ... who wants to be part of that script ?

That is it for now.
Alot of events and NLP scripts to expose and that all tie into one another.

More to follow

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