Monday, 25 May 2015

The Deuterium Thieves Code (Part 3)

It becomes increasing confusing but at the same time, more clear as to what these agendas all relate back to, and that would have to be Blood types, Genomes, and Heavy Water.

Not to mention the influx of flesh body invading A.I. programs.

The whole "Val Thor" Stranger at the Pentagon story with Keanu Reeves playing that role quite well in The Day The Earth Stood Still.

We had explained the connection to Mike Myers, who plays the fictional character Robert Gallo in what the mass humanity has consented to as "reality". We have explained his connection to AIDS and GAL relating back to Galactin.

Stranger-Strang code.
Robert Gallo, a.k.a Mike Myers
It's about genetics and blood.
It's referring to a certain family. The Strangs.
Below we have some pictures provided by Annie Stockton.
The Strang Brothers
The Neon God - Simon and Garfunkel
Most come from Kansas, which is North of Oklahoma, and South of Omaha.
One of the Strangs was Cherokee.
Conan The Barbarian (2011)
The plot concerning the Mask of Acheron and
obtaining a woman with a certain blood type.

This is beyond sinister and the silence regarding it, as well as coded humour is sick.
These programs even use children to communicate their messages, just like Elizabeth Short.
This was a video of a young girl being controlled by an A.I. program.
It is very bizarre to anyone who isn't familiar with the coded words.
It comes back down to communicating genetics.


May 15, 2015, I found 2 textbooks in a neighbours garbage.
One was Molecular Biology and the other was Genomes.
Inside I found a diagram of the AIDS virus.
I immediately understood how this connected back to Pink Floyd in a curious way.
The "Pink Floyd" manuscript provided by Ryan Oake.
The below picture of the band, was provided by Annie Stockton.
As observed before, it has the same amount of lights around perimeter.

The zombie attack stories out of Florida, were mentioned by Skyedog, a youtube user I was in contact with a few years ago. Apart from her mentioning "King", which at this point would bring me to King Kong and Deuterium, what really connects this now is the code within Florida.
Rudy Eugene. Gene. Only May 25, 2015 typing this did I notice
the obvious genetic link.


This AID code also is contained in Hokkaido.

This was a place I encounter and I noticed the colours immediately, as Orange pertaining to the Archon "Acheron" code, but Hokkaido itself and Elizabeth Short are now inseparable.

This business is only mentioned here in context to the linguistics, and the colour.
Nothing more.

All this HI-HO Oklahoma-Hokkaido bomb code and everything else ties back into each other in weird ways. One of them would be a blood group, known as the OKa blood group.

We mentioned Datura in our last article, but now it would appear this relates to much more than I ever suspected.
DTRA-185 ties back into the Department of Defence. DOD. D2O.
It becomes quite unclear here to myself just what I am looking at.
Going to the first site, I am shown a list of IP addresses.
All of which are in Ohio.

Dwarves and our good pal Ryan Oake a.k.a Valiant Thorin Oakenshield.
The script is totally insane.
It ties into the Mormon's Breeding machine and Pokemon encodes this as well.
This code is literally everywhere you look. It was always about the Heavy Water.

Ho-oh. 2H2O = Deuterium Oxide.
Expect an article in relation to Pokemon.

Not to diverge into a tangent, but continuing with this present code.
A few days after the first 2 parts of this articles series, more code was released.
This whole water business has some other connotation I have not looked into yet.


All about those ABO blood types. Then on that same day (May 18, 2015), Miley Cyrus released a song. I immediately saw the NLP code as well as the obvious 2H.

Apart from the FLOYD code word as well as SADIE which contains the AIDS code once again and who we introduced you too at the beginning of this article.  

There is also the unicorn is reminiscent of the Boston bombing and the whole BOMB nlp script.

The Boston Bombing and the Joker NLP Script.

 The HH ties into the 9-11 events not only for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the USA, but also the September 11, 1973 attacks on Chile.
Home Hardware = 119
Not to mention the orange code again ..
The other 911 was in Chile.

Chile is home to the Patagonia region.
I already made some connections to it from a previous article.
CH is an important clue as well. It can be read as C(3)H(8) - 38 = DEUCE
It also is 3H. 3H is Tritium.

This Pablow code, is interesting that it takes us to Pablo Escobar, and by extension, seeing as the media is controlled by the Greenbergs and Strongs, links us to Tony Greenberg's character "Pepe Escobar".
Just a matter of following the NLP Script.

Pepe-Pablo. Are they communicating a cocaine deal?
Pepe of course being Tony Greenberg.
All insane insider trading, as well as communicating genetic-bloodtype information.
Don't Believe what you see.

The Greenbergs work in conjunction with the Strong's, another family with enormous influence that no one challenges.


Maurice Strong himself controls Ontario Hydro, and also the deuterium oxide production. If I am not mistaken.

Apparently is also John Kerry's father.
I'm sure someone could do something with that revelation.
They don't just control the US Media, but also the Canadian Government.
The other Maurice, Greenberg, happens to be Josef Mengele. I will explain more on this in another article seeing as there is a very personal connection to this man and the "Grand" code name.

Another woman who married into the family was Tara Strong. Again this ties us back to the whole OAK-OKA code and Hokkaido, as well as interesting sub-scripts.

I'm sure she'll love me mentioning her in this article.
So if Tara Strong plays Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend, can you not see how this script ties into the same subjects.
I tried to engage her but never got a response from her.
In the end I must press forward with connecting the puzzle pieces.

Appropriate picture.
Nuclear - Tritium and the Green Hair
Heart linked back to D2O

What we have is an enormous conspiracy, and the proportions are inconceivable to the average drone or mind control victim. This ties directly back to my home city and me personally and I will keep fighting this.


I already made the whole connection made to Maurice Strong and the Greenbergs.

It's beginning to look like this Ottawa Shooting on Oct 22, 2014 had alot to do with Deuterium Oxide, in ways I have yet to uncover or understand, but more will follow this.

Starts with Strangers, ends with Strongs.

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