Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Deuterium Thieves Code (Part 2)

There would appear to be too many train "bombings" in Mumbai, also known as Bombay in India.

I couldn't begin to list them all at this time, but I want to point out an interesting linguistic connection between certain words.


The most major "Bomb" figure in humanity's consciousness at this time is Obama, as well as the flux of bombings that are daily cordinated on this planet.

If one can remember the insane NLP script, you will recall Obama was apparently born on Hawaii.

So on top of Hawaii being where the Pearl Harbour bombing happened, we also have a very interesting quote from Michelle Obama.

“You can’t really understand Barack until you understand Hawaii.” ~ Michelle Obama

Aloha: The Spirit of Obama

Aloha is what? Hello? Mum(bye)?

Maybe it's about Helium?

Helium and the Sun
Your "Pacific Rim" of fire. I already went into the Jaegar-Yogger code in a previous article.

It's all about Fires and Floods. And Christian Bale is doing a weird role playing job.

A movie with a young Christian Bale.
Once again, we have a Japan connection.
In the below, Christian Bale plays Moses.
"Empire". Course "Pire" is fire. "Change" ... well this is obvious enough.
So who then is the Dark Knight? That is obviously Obama.
What we have here is an immense NLP script
that is beyond one man alone.
Interesting pic ... it's all about the Deuterium.
Will have to explain this more in another article.

As I showed in previous articles, and as was shown by Chris Hohn first, that te NLP script promotes Obama as a Messiah. So then is it any wonder Christian Bale is John Connor in Terminator Salvation, a war against the machines.
It's an insane script and is machine generated.
Appart from the rise code, is Morgan Freeman's role in the lego movie. It is the staff I want to pay special attention to since it ties back to Moses in a very significant way, as well as the 9/11 ritual on Setpermber 11, 2001. We'll save this subject for another article.

Keeping on track with the linguistic code and the A.I. theme that is not always shown directly to be A.I. unless you have studied it with dilligence for it's subtle nuiances.
I will keep these section short, so Part 3 can be focused on a sub-topic that is branched off from the original "Bomb" code.

The superman picture of Obama will be explained in great detail.

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