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Heavy Water Symbolism in Media & Culture (Part 3)

I have said that King Kong (1933) and the remake are allegories for the story of Deuterium Oxide.
In the final scene, what was noticable to me was the eye of Kong, and how it look suspiciously like Deuterium Oxide as seen in recent (2014) photos.

In the remake by Peter Jackson, we can see more references back to the A.I. as well as Deuterium Oxide. THe fact that Kong is so big and every other creature on the island is as well, is "Due" to the fact of Heavy Water being present, hence the "Fog" encountered by the crew of the ship.

There was also the deleted scene from Lord of the Rings The Two Towers where the Hobbits consume water and start to grow in stature. Obviously Peter Jackson knows about and understands Deuterium Oxide and its history.
If anyone reading this is to look at this previous article before trying to understand this massive NLP code, it would do be doing yourself a service. It gets very "messy" from this point on.

This NLP script has been in action way before 2000.
So if we are to understand Obama to be the Man of Steel, then let's take
a look at the movie Man of Steel that was released in 2013.
Someone obviously casts Russell Crowe as an A.I. villain for a reason.

You will find Russell Crowe once again, playing Superman's father Jorel, who just so happens to be an A.I. consciousness. But this is not the first time that Russell Crowe plays an A.I. personality.

Many have never heard of the film Virtuosity, and once you see the Denzel Washington connection, it all ties back into Obama once again. I have went into a little bit of this code in a previous article.

It's this FIRE-WATER Script. Epitomized in the film Noah (2014) starring our good old A.I. personality Russell Crowe.

Seeing as these films puts myself in a unique position to explain them in ways many would never comprehend if this wasn't laid out before them. Even like this it may already be known to many others.

The seed that is given to Noah from Metusallah is seen in The Fountain. It was the seed from the original garden (apparently).

Noah (2014)
The Fountain (2006)
I ask myself, is this seed or spore representative of Datura?
Devil's Apple?


Datura a.k.a White Thorn Apple
The whole Netzach-Green Sphere connection is present, but what
is more is the SMITH linguistic.
Constantine also stars Rachel Weisz who has a "twin sister". This A.I. theme as well as the Deuterium nuiances are hard for anyone (especially H2O cyborgs) to pick up on. But obviously there are those aware of this information.
There is a film, Somewhere in Time starring Christopher Reeve, better known for his roles as Superman. In the film, he stays at the Grand Hotel. I will not go into detail regarding the film at this time, but will point out the Reeve-Reeves lingusitc connections as well as the Smith code.

The Reeves code is obvious enough, but what surprised me writting this is the next film which has Jaden Smith in it. I was aware of the other connections but this one surprised me.
Jennifer Connolly was not a surprise, and her role in this film ties back to H2O
and the computer programs in an interesting way. This was pointed out
to me by Annie Stockton.
Jaden Smith would appear to be a fractal of The Oracle in The Matrix, played by Gloria Foster.
The Foster-Froster code is there, which would tie us back to Bomb once again. But what requires more immediate attention is the Valiant Thor script contained within this film.
The Valiant Thor story is precisely what this is about.
At one point in the film, they were planning on drugging Keanu Reeves character, but Jennifer Connelly switches it with Saline. Salt water.

As was explained to me, this has irrevocable implications. One being that the programs would not be harmed by H2O or Saline. Another would be that Valiant Thor is a program inside a flesh body.  
She gives "Thor" the harmless H2O water ... well harmless for the programs at least.

So would the goddess Selina actually be refering to Salt Water?

Selina Gomez.
Flesh bodies carrying the script. She wouldn't even be aware of it.
So anytime you hear her name, the story would have to relate back to D2O.

As I have stated, it is all about the water, H2O or D2O, but no one mentioned Deuterium Oxide ever.

So with A.I. programs within flesh bodies, certain waters would obviously be toxic to them and would make their programming fail. Joaquin Phoenix starred with Russell Crowe in Gladiator, but he was also in Signs.

Remember the little girl with all the "Stale" water.

Youll remember, that Jennifer Conelly as starred with Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, and after readin this article and the lingusitic connections adn themes, it becomes pparent that Russell Crowe's character in the film must be A.I., able to determine the algorythms behind birds.

It's not coincedence they would be cast again in Noah (2014).

He is the Master Operator Program and Commander.
Do you see how insane this O BOMB A (AO - Alpha Omega) code is?

Obama, The Dark Knight, The Man of Steel, The Messiah ... it goes on and on.
When will people start seeing this insane script and stop being a part of it?

You can't tell a robot it is a robot. Apparently.

More suitable title after reading these articles.

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