Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Is Annie OK?

This whole Oka Blood Type is very prominent and the OK and OAK linguistics are scattered all over America and Japan.
The question is why?

Obsession with Blood Types.
You will need to view previous articles to understand this.

Listing out all the places with this "OKA" code becomes extensive to say the least.
HONOLULU. Can you say ALOHA.


My thoughts precisely.

Then there is America.


What I noticed right away was Moscow.
The Stranger (Val Thor) code comes back into play.

The rainbow always makes this about D2O and Light Water fracturing light.
And a picture to sync up with the script. ZEBRAS - NEBRAS.
Grand Island will have to be looked into in another article.

Here is where Omaha becomes important. It's not the only Omaha apparently.
So the Allied invasion also had "bombs" involved. Go figure.

Besides the Omaha code and the Bomb code again,
it seems to be talking about blood types once again.

Taking a look at the state name for Omaha reveals my hypothesis to be correct.


Double D is the way to go. DD - D2O.

The Se Gene

The Se gene encodes a fucosyl transferase that adds fucose to type 1 precursor only if a fucose has already been added by the Le gene product (i.e., the Se gene fucosyl transferase adds a fucose to the Le(a) antigen). Addition of this second fucose produces the Le(b) antigen.

Thus, individuals with the Le gene but no Se gene will have red blood cells bearing only the passively-adsorbed Le(a) but no Le(b). Individuals with both the Le gene and the Se gene will have red blood cells bearing only the passively adsorbed Le(b) and no Le(a). Individuals with no Le gene have neither Le(a) nor Le(b).

In addition, the Se gene product is responsible for the presence of A, B and H substances in secretions.

Annie's Secretion Codon?

All of this is about Heavy Water, Blood Types, and Genomes.
Ties us right back into Bombay Blood.
The question is, is Annie OKA Blood Type.

Another linguistic clue is the sugars involved in DNA synthesis. Sugar, in French, is Sucre.


Sugar comes from the Sugarcane.
Now Biblically speaking, would not the Mark of "Cain"
be related to some DNA Glucose problem?

We briefly mentioned Okinawa, but it would seem prudent to show the further linguistic connections and madness behind this NLP script.

There is a city in Okinawa called Yonaguni. This is where I will mention Annie Oakley.
I only mention here because it's NLP connected.

Annie Oakley, born in Ohio and died in Ohio.
Yes, the NLP is beyond madness.

Oak oak oak. Guess it would be appropriate to mention Coke. Not the drink but the drug.

And wouldn't you know it, or not know it, ACHE is Yt Blood Group.

Interestingly enough, since Pablo Escobar is the King of Cocaine, the recent Miley Cyrus video comes more into focus what with the Hallucinogenic Mushroom clearly displayed on stage.

Pablow - King of Cocaine. And the Mushroom.
It is said 2H - Deuterium Oxide enhances the effects of certain drugs.

The drugs is what have made these people insane, and an A.I. system connected to tripped out lunatics only breeds more insanity and madness.

A perfect example is the "Satanic" monument in, guess where, Oklahoma.
Couldn't help but notice "Smith".
Then we also have Black "Ice". Frozen Deuterium Oxide.

Is this communicating atomic-genetic knowledge?

Everything about the English language is geared towards this A.I. system.
Or is that not obvious yet?
Getting there.

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