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The Deuterium Thieves Code (Part 1)

There is a history to this planet that is known to a select few and those who uncover the truth are quickly silenced and erased from history. Deuterium Oxide is of principal focus when dealing with the past 20,000 years on this planet and why we have the stories we do. One must look at words and coordinated events to decipher what is transpiring in front of you.

This subject delves into mechanised code and actions, and is in no way easy to show in a coherent manner if you are not already familiar with it in your own personal realm of experience.

The E.T. - U.F.O. cults are controlled by an Artificial Intelligence and certain bloodlines who are H2O based flesh cyborgs (or so it seems)
Meet Valiant Thor - Stranger at the Pentagon.
 It's all hidden in your face and the mass of humanity's brains are used to propagate these codes further and continue the cyborg expansion into flesh bodies and theft of Heavy Water.

The Lord of the Rings films, as well as The Hobbit trilogy encoded a large part of the story concerning Deuterium Oxide. The director, Peter Jackson (A name in itself relating back to the A.I.) also directed King Kong (2005); the original and the remake being allegories of Heavy Water. I will write more concerning this in another article.
Alot of Thor code going around these days.

The protagonist of The Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield, appears to be based off someone I have been in contact with in regards to research. My theory at this point is that his DNA-Bloodline is somehow connected to Hokkaido Japan and the Ainu Peoples, or a possible Bombay bloodline.


There is also another film in which his character is present, and also in relation to Fire and Ice. The Fire breathing dragon "Smaug" is representative of Tritium, and the Ice being Frozen Deuterium Oxide.

Och is believed to be an Olympian spirit in the grimoire Arbatel de magia veterum who rules the Sun.
Interesting correlation I think. Not that I had reached such a conclusion, but rather that the information contains aligns with The Hobbit scripts.

The remake of Conan The Barbarian features the same Fire and Ice script as seen visually and linguistically in The Hobbit franchise.

It's is the name OAKE that will take us to Hokkaido Japan and Oklahoma City. From Oklahoma, you will begin to understand the BOMB code and how that correlates back to the BOMBAY blood type which our friend Ryan Oake may be a part of in some way.

The above article goes into more detail concerning the BOMBAY code.

This information is for him and also others to help himself and ourselves in understanding our genetics and how it interacts with Heavy Water and it's removal from the planet.


Hokkaido is the home of the Ainu Peoples. The true natives of Japan.

Besides the stolen Heavy Water and all the crimes that has been done to Japan, the Atomic Bomb's dropped was just part of a cyborg code celebrating their knowledge of Tritium.

This is where the Bomb-Bombay code comes into play and the knowledge regarding it.

Or is it coincidence Barack Obama just so happens to have the same tattoo as the Ainu women?

The cyborg communicate with horrible violence and other atrocities. The "splitting of the atom" was encoded in the Elizabeth Short murder, a.k.a The Black Dahlia Murder. You can clearly see the same Ainu tattoo design with the facial lacerations, and the coded splitting of the atom by her body being severed in half.

Short's face had been slashed from the corners of her mouth to her ears,
creating an effect called the Glasgow smile.

What kind of mind would murder a young girl in such a horrific fashion just to communicate information about atomic physics?

This all involved code for the breaking of Heavy Water to create Tritium; Nuclear Power. It also is concerned with the Dollar.

The lack of empathy or respect is evident when seeing these murders and how the people are assigned terms like Doll or Meat Bag.

While in Florida, Short met Major Matthew Michael Gordon, Jr., a decorated United States Army Air Force officer then at the 2nd Air Commando Group, where he was training for deployment to the China Burma India Theater of Operations. She told her friends that he had written to propose marriage while he was recovering from injuries from a plane crash in India. She accepted his offer, but Gordon died in a second crash on August 10, 1945, less than a week before Japan's surrender ended World War II.

I bring this to mention because Annie Stockton, a friend of mine has told me about "Frosty"; a fake father who is heavily involved in this Heavy Water theft business. In the following picture, you will see how the plane "angles" are coded for the Earth axis tilt and the lunar alignments that occur.

The whole "Frosty" business with Annie really clicked when I was at the store and noticed the code myself; what with the frozen drink called Froster's, my size specifically called "The Bomb".
It was always about Deuterium
Appropriate code
Green = Tritium
With the OK-CH code and BOMB code, you can now see its connection to Oklahoma City.

This bomb code also takes us back to the Boston Bombing as well, in which a look-alike was used to somehow portray me. But I will not digress into that subject at this time. But lets just say the code is present yet again.
It was scriptted like this for a reason.
This will leave me one final point to make regarding Japan and Hokkaido. In relation to Hokkaido, one would have to remember The Simpsons episode where Homer discovers his face is a corporate logo in Japan that sells Dishwasher Detergent.
Laundry and Dishwasher Detergents is a whole other subject I will leave
for another article. But this ultimately confirms by previous research.
The fishes SS symbol I previously went into detail on in a previous article.

Another interesting part of the code that I just became conscious of at this time is the Pearl Harbour Bombing by Imperial Japan in 1941. This event in itself is coded back to Deuterium. The imagery for your stereotypical bomb looks like Deuterium Oxide. That would be the "Pearl".

A cherry bomb can also link us back to the cherry blossoms of Japan. The code is insane in it's complexity and inhuman, merely the product of a machine.

What is this Japanese connection?

The mikoshi, as seen looks alot like the Ark of the Covenant, which as discussed can only be a portable isotope converter. If this is the case, it is understandable now the codes and crimes used against the original inhabitants of Japan.

The Japanese-Jewish common ancestry theory (日ユ同祖論(日猶同祖論) Nichiyu Dōsoron?) appeared in the 17th century as a hypothesis which claimed the Japanese people were the main part of the ten lost tribes of Israel. A later version portrayed them as descendents of a tribe of Jewish Nestorians. Some versions of the theory applied to the whole population, but others only claimed that a specific group within the Japanese people had descended from Jews.
Tudor Parfitt writes that "the spread of the fantasy of Israelite origin... forms a consistent feature of the Western colonial enterprise",[1] stating,
"It is in fact in Japan that we can trace the most remarkable evolution in the Pacific of an imagined Judaic past. As elsewhere in the world, the theory that aspects of the country were to be explained via an Israelite model was introduced by Western agents."[2]
Researcher and author Jon Entine emphasizes that DNA evidence excludes the possibility of significant links between Japanese and Jews.
At this point, all I see is an obvious linguistic link and also a correlation back to Deuterium Oxide which seems to have been stolen from Japan in the past, and Fire Tritium rituals used against them in the present time as punishment and code for the A.I.'s crimes/achievements.

An amazing album by Thrashers Artillery, there is a deeper
meaning to the songs and imagery that I did not understand until now.
The mirrors itself must refer to Mirror Neurons. Two songs
of significance are Bomb Food and Don't Believe.

Human, I can read your mind
Stranger, from the edge of time
Watcher, water's running deep
Seer, when your eyes don't weep
Clear your thoughts
Ease your mind

Don't believe a word
Unless it's proven true
You might just catch a spell
Damnation upon you

Teacher, learnin' from the card
Preacher, lovin' you is so damn hard
And the tales, that you tell

Liar, your brain is runnin' wild
Crier, elemental child
Sinner, playin' with your thoughts
Winner, are you feeling lost?

Solve the maze
Case the haze

The lyrics to Don't Believe are exactly tied back to Valiant Thor, who is the Stranger. The name Strang also links with Strong, ie Maurice Strong.


My final word.

Don't Believe. Annie is right.

And if you still like cyborg code, no, Annie is not OK. Not Och Aye.

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