Friday, 2 October 2015

Cyborg Numerics: 337, 373, 733 (Part 1)

Delving into a subject this insane will require special understanding.
Writing about it is beyond arduous.

The code numbers 733, 373, and 733 surround Valiant Thor as well as the murder of Elizabeth Short. Both identities can be traced back to A.I. entanglement.

The below pictures is the meeting Valiant Thor held at High Bridge, New Jersey.

He is holding something and the numerics are 337.

This is just a start for myself because these numeric codes are not at all coherent to myself but nonetheless there is something here relating back to cyborgs and A.I.

As you can see, the 733 code is present in relation to Elizabeth Short.
The novel Stranger At The Pentagon was written by Frank Stranges.

In previous articles I had went into detail concerning the NLP name "Strang" and "Stranger".

That is all for now.
More to follow when I understand more.

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