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Heavy Water Symbolism in Media & Culture (Part 2)

Everything about this reality comes back down to Heavy Water.
That is what you must realise immediately.

Reviewing the film Aladdin (1992) reveals alot of hidden in plain sight Heavy Water information.
The genie (voiced by Robin Williams) has multiple connotations related
to his name and his other works. ROBIN - ROBBING (As in Theft of Water..)
The genie itself is reminiscent of Shiva.
Thanks to a friend for pointing this out to me and making the connection.
In the below passage of text it states "the gods and demons were churning
the ocean for retrieving ambrosia..."

Is the ambrosia referring to Deuterium Oxide?
And what is this poison?

I figure it would be important to post a picture of a blue sky seeing as some might not even know what one looks like anymore considering the chemtrails and everything else messing up what is left of the atmosphere.

The obvious correlation is the genie and Shiva's colour are representative of the ozone that replaced the Deuterium Oxide "Egg Shell" that protected this planet from ionising radiation and A.I. invasion.

Don't see this to much anymore

Shiva or Kali is also seen as black in some depictions which in my opinion
after this amount of study would have to correlate back to Deuterium Oxide.

This is all a very complicated subject so I will try my best to make this as coherent as possible. One last note concerning Robin Williams though before moving forward is the film Bicentennial Man (1999) in which he plays a robot.
Bicentennial Man (1999)
Colour code and your 666 water code.

There is a place in Egypt called Abu or Elephantine where the Ark of the Covenant, which we now understand is a portable isotope converter, was located there at one time, and that a second temple also existed there, outside of the Jerusalem jurisdiction in which temple offerings were still made. These grain offerings go back to a wheat that is H2O based and cannot be grown in Deuterium Oxide.

Elephantine Island in the Nile River,
at Aswan, Upper Egypt.

Known to the Ancient Egyptians as Abu or Yebu, the island of Elephantine stood at the border between Egypt and Nubia.

This is the whole premise behind Abu the Monkey in Aladdin and his subsequent transformation into an Elephant. He then looks at his own reflection in the "Mirror" a.k.a Light Water, H2O, Protium.

The Elephantine papyri are caches of legal documents and letters written in Aramaic, which document a Jewish community, perhaps made up of mercenaries, dating to sometime in the 6th century BC.[4][5] They maintained their own temple (also see House of Yahweh), in which sacrifices were offered, evincing polytheistic beliefs, which functioned alongside that of Khnum.
Continuing with the Deuterium Oxide symbolism and connections to Elephantine Island and possibly Tahiti, is the scene when Aladdin is almost drowned by the chain ball weight attached to his leg.

Death by Water.
When looking at this, a connection can be made to Tahitian Black Pearls.
A bevy of black pearls each worth about $20 to $50

Black Pearls and Hibiscus Flower

Pearly Gates. See the HH (2H - Deuterium)

It is all about Heavy Water!
It is all about Deuterium Oxide!

While looking for certain images I came across this
"Disney Infinity RARE Power Disc Elephant Abu"
The Orange colour code is as described by Chris Hohn and known
by Stanley Kubrick; "The Archons Lattice Grid is Orange"
Construction company here in Ottawa Canada.
Doesn't get more in your face than this.

"The volcanic eruptions are planned in order to create different elements with the extreme heat." - Annie Stockton
Chile Volcano Eruption 2015
The A.I. and it's flesh pods are using the magma in the Earth to create the elements they need for their technology or computers. It is all very confusing and insane, but piecing together the code and being conscious of it is the first step in countering it.

Even in The Waterboy posters, the colour code is present as well as connections to Blastocysts which was mentioned to me by Annie Stockton. Her understanding is, that consciousness can be stored in Blastocysts and that the water used to store them is chilled, either H2O or Deuterium Oxide.

Our Jerusalem connection.
And just at this moment while typing this I understand the colour code of
the shirt.

Anyone able to refute this?

The other connection is the colour code of the woman's shirt. I see the German connection.


One has to keep in mind German migrant settlers in the Patagonia Region.

The glacier in the Patagonia Region. I have alot to say about this region
and the symbolism connected to it, but I will leave it for a later article.
For now you will be aware of the relation.

Continuing on with breaking down the code-script, the leading movies of of 2013-2014 dealt with Fire and Ice. Considering all the weather modification, the name Jennifer Lawrence makes me think of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (L.L.N.L) where the aerosol-chemtrail sciences were developed.
Read the deeper script. Frosty is an A.I. program.
Donald Sutherland as President Snow in The Hunger Games.
It's all in the "Script"

Sutherland is a clear reference to SOUTH LAND which is the antarctic-patagonia glacier region.

Another interesting observation is his son Keifer Sutherland who stars in the show 24. Of course the default on any timer or electronic clock is 88 (2H - Deuterium).

Like father like son.
The whole "Roman" script is pretty blatant at this point.
Well clearly they knew about that Chile 2015 Volcano that just erupted this April.
It's all one big A.I. script with "Car" Actors, Flesh Pods.
They are just "Pods" for A.I. program insertion.
The Beyonce "Orange Code" has been shown before.

PODS - Deuterium Oxide
This was the most obvious. The black-white dynamic is all about the Water.


"Down" is a major code word which I will go into more in Part 3.
At this point there is enough here to go break down what you see around you.


More to follow

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